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Vaughan Wimberley

Vaughan Wimberley LCSW-C

It is sometimes daunting to begin with a therapist. What will it be like? What will happen exactly? These are common questions and it is hard to find clear answers. There are depictions in shows and comments online, but these won’t quite give you the feeling of what it will be like for you in real therapy. Each therapist is different. Some will feel like a good fit and others will not. It would be great to get a sense about this before that first meeting and also the sessions will go. What exactly happens, anyway? Well, let me try to give you an insight into that from my perspective.

Everyone struggles to find the right answers and a lot of things get in the way. It’s a stumble in the dark. What I can do for you is stumble around in the dark with you with empathy, with warmth, and with guaranteed confidentiality. You do not have to do it alone. I have years of professional training that will help us, but you are the master of your life.

You will know what feels right and bringing out your innate, powerful wisdom, will always be my chief aim. We will do that by talking out what you a feeling, what you believe about life and yourself, and goals that matter to you. Achieving those will come as a natural consequence of our search and your commitment to change. We will figure it out together.

Vaughan is currently accepting new clients.