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Heather Greenebaum

Heather Greenebaum

Social Work/Therapist, LMSW

Therapy can be an intimidating process. How often have you pushed your mental health aside because life grew hectic; were told to “practice self-care” but aren’t sure what that entails; or been told to “just get over something” and you’re left feeling lost or overwhelmed. Being a human is challenging! We’re filled with complicated emotions that derive from our lived experiences, environment, family dynamics, personality, and genetics. My areas of focus include depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and interpersonal conflict.

Through a trauma-informed lens, I use a variety of therapeutic approaches that includes CBT, DBT, and psychodynamic theories. I’m particularly fascinated by the way one’s childhood may impact current relational patterns. I have previous experience in a child welfare agency, a behavioral health hospital, and a primary care office.

Through an empathetic and warm approach, my goal is to help clients feel supported and safe as we navigate life’s challenges together. I believe that therapy is a valuable experience that can help with understanding patterns in life, identifying barriers, processing life transitions, and developing coping mechanisms.