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Colleen Parris Jordon

Colleen Parris Jordon,

Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, LCSW-C

Reaching out for help can feel unnerving. You may be asking yourself “what does therapy look like?” or “what happens in therapy?” Taking this step, it is a testament to your inner strength.  We will work together to address all these questions and achieve your individual goals.

I am simply here as a guide to offer empathy and a safe space.

I’ve worked mainly with adults and families struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse and trauma. Whatever circumstances bring you into therapy, I can provide a judgement-free place for us to explore them.

Whether you choose in-person visit, masked-up in our health-conscious office, or a tele-health session, I believe that we all have the strength and the answers already, we just may need a bit of help along the way.