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Limited Spaces available (6 people per class). SIGN UP BELOW to reserve your spot!

Yogasan (YOGA) has many meanings – Union, Journey, Relaxation, Clarity, Focus, Healing, Connection to self – only to name a few. Join us for a yoga practice to find yours.

We will marvel at the beautiful piece of engineering that our body is. We will breathe and flow, creating space and freedom within us, that will enhance our mental stamina and emotional endurance. You may start with one reason today and in the serendipitous process, cultivate many more.

We are celestial bodies made with a striking balance of earth, fire, air, water, and space. We get into a state of imbalance caused by stress that comes with making a living. Yogasan (YOGA) is the time to rediscover the peace and balance that exists within you.
Join me for a yoga practice that is a combination of Pranayam (Breathwork), Aasana (Postures) and Dhyaan (Meditation) using grounding and centering techniques. Our classes will constantly adapt to the changing seasons and our ever-changing bodies.