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Yoga & Movement

Yoga & Movement

Led by a certified yoga instructor, this class takes you through mindful movements and poses. Our goal is to provide resources and breath work for clients to be able to use outside of class. We want you to walk out of class feeling lighter than when you came in. Yoga and breath work can be valuable coping skills that help to lower stress, anxiety, and depression in a supportive environment.

Suzanne O’Grady

Yoga Instructor

“Yoga-ish” class: 45 minute movement class that includes meditation, basic yoga poses, and a dash of dance. Movement is accompanied by music and an invitation to find your joy of movement.

Meditation and easy stretch: 15-20 minute session to quiet the mind and release tension in muscles and joints. Class participation can be on a mat or in a chair.

Free Play: 45 minute class in a safe, judgment free space to move your body, your way. Class begins with a meditation and moves into suggestions to dance your heart and soul to a variety of music. No rules, no choreography! Class concludes with a cool down stretch and meditation.